The project

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The main targets of the SESCO program


  • The validation of the recycled ceramics as TESM,
  • The identification of the proper refractory internal structure,
  • The control of the formation of the proper structure during elaboration,
  • The optimization of the storage modules geometries at both lab. and industrial scales,
  • The balance of the LCA analysis of the whole proposed approach.


Impacts of SESCO in terms of scientific and industrial issues 



  • Control of microstructures by mean of the working conditions under crystallization,
  • Design of innovative advanced thermal energy storage modules for high temperature applications,
  • Design of innovative hybrid concentrating solar reactors for inorganic wastes melting.


  • Development of alternative and sustainable thermal energy storage systems for CSP and ACAES,
  • Development of new low-cost waste treatment processes with reduced energy consumption,
  • Enhancement of industrial waste treatment activities by improving the final product markets.
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Date of update March 13, 2015